Hey bois and girls.

I’ve always heard about websites. They have fascinated me for so long. Without further ado, I would like to welcome you to Scarflix.com: the headquarters for everything that we do. I recently met some YouTubers (RealTDragon & ThatMontecore) and they inspired me to respect my YouTube channel a little bit more than I was. I had to get over the fact that YouTube is not a film platform, but rather an info-tainment platform.

I use YouTube everyday, and the content I was generating fell flat due to the material I had on my channel. So that’s changing this very second. So far it’s film and film related news, because what else would a YouTube channel called ‘Scarflix’ be about?

I also want to take the time to talk about our first major project on the channel: the 1/365 challenge. This simply means creating a video every single day of the year for the channel. I have to admit I am very excited about becoming a YouTuber. There is still so much I have to learn about the platform itself. It is the logical next step for our team.

Shout out to Sammy Black, Trent Kinnucan, Camille Stoner, Eyal Schechter, Kiefer Hoelscher and Thien Vuong.